About Us



wasn’t born with a green face.
He was still a normal kid when he went to the circus and some clowns lured him offering jelly flowers. Behind them, a team of dumb and messy researchers was recruiting kids for experiments in the field of facial recognition,
aiming to create a squad of people invisible to face controls.

Once uprooted from his daily routine and relocated,
he managed to live a fairly normal life.
With permission to go back and forth through the laboratory, he spent the time wandering around as the weird guy of a “small village”, collecting objects, making tools, observing.

But why then, the green face?
It is the result of year of researches, in order to delete any facial reference that the algorithms could use to compare the subjects with their huge database.
A normal mask would trigger the alarm system, that’s why the project about:blank has been launched
and the green faces designed.

As we can see, poor Slon did not fully develop his motor activities and his psychological and cognitive profile itself is quite peculiar, resulting in insecure movements.

About our team

Slon Bad Guys


Subtle Engineer


Smoke Manager

Slon Bad Guys


Vicious Assistant

Slon Bad Guys

Il PapI


Meet Our Team

DR.GREYSKATE is anti-colors. “Green people just came here to steal our jobs, health care and marry our daughters. We need to teach these uncivilized how to behave”. Says the man behind the project about:blank. 

MR.REDDRONE, a man of God, is a hard worker. He knows that serving the society will lead him to the promised land.

IL PAPI, the oldest, is considered the good father of all the Acabcadabra team. He would do anything in order to see his kids smiling: raketeering, threatening. Playing the Boomer-Whitz is his best: one snap of fingers and the tortured man disappears.

CIGSBOY is always about to quit cigs, but this decision stresses him out and smoking helps him to chill down. By the way, he’s not a fan of laws.